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Standard User guppy02
(newbie) Mon 08-Feb-16 17:01:14
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Bridging Linksy WAG320N with Asus RT-65U

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HI All

I moved house from a Fibre area to a non fibre area so i have had to revert to ADSL while i wait for my cabinet to go live. I have signed up to tentel due to there short contracts as i am expecting fibre in the next 6 month.

However i want to carry on using my RT-65U as the dual band wifi works a treat in a big house.

I have an old WAG320N. When i go into settings it has Bridged Mode. However i just want to know how i can setup a bridge from the WAG320N to the Asus. Is it straight forward or do i need to tweak to setings on both routers.

I found the following for the WAG320n
How do i get the Asus to talk to the Linksys do i use pppoe to login from the Asus to the Linksys?
Standard User ian007jen
(committed) Mon 08-Feb-16 18:55:55
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Re: Bridging Linksy WAG320N with Asus RT-65U

[re: guppy02] [link to this post]
Yep use PPPoe.

Plug an ethernet cable between one LAN port on the bridged modem and the WAN port of the Asus, then enter your username and password and setup a pppoe connection on the asus. may help.
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