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Standard User Bungie247
(newbie) Tue 01-Mar-16 15:06:36
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DG834 replacement required

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Hi peeps, I need some advice and I know this is the best place to find what I am after. I will soon be the proud owner of FTTH in rural East Sussex. YAY, WOOHOOO, ABOUT BLOOMING TIME etc.......... wink
Due to this my venerable fleet of DG834 modem routers will soon no longer be required. I have them set up using the DGteam firmware which is so useful, and so here come the questions;

1) I seem to remember Netgear manufactured a router only version of the DG834, ideas anyone?

2) What alternative router would you recommend that gives the flexibility of the DGteam firmware such as "wake on lan", "static routes" and "dynamic DNS" capability but also maybe has gigabit LAN connectivity too?

Best regards, Bungie.
Standard User ian007jen
(committed) Tue 01-Mar-16 15:43:09
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Re: DG834 replacement required

[re: Bungie247] [link to this post]
1) Don't know....theses are ancient now...don't bother

2)You will need to find a (cable) router capable of being flashed name a few........ dd-wrt, open wrt or tomato, some routers may have manufacturer's firmware with these options as well.

Asus models are well respected for wireless range.

It all depends on what wifi devices you have, do you require wireless AC?
Do you require dual band?
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