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Standard User The_Voyager
(committed) Wed 27-Jul-16 08:50:02
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Fried 7390 - need new Router/VDSL modem

[link to this post]
Recently my AVM Fritz 7390 box died, luckily had Plusnet T582n and BTOR HG512 modem to get back on line, but now need to get a new AIO box so that I can get stats and be able to use Open DNS servers rather than Plusnet ones

What are the best options sub £200 - doesn't need to have integrated phone support, but must be easy to set up and use for an old geezer, decent WiFi, 4 Gb LAN ports & have support for YouView etc

DSLAM is Infineon (ECI cabinet)

was looking at the AVM Fritz 3490 or TP-Link Archer VR900 but wondering if something else would be better.

PN Unl.Fibre - Fritz! 7390 ~ Sync 78.2/20 Mb/s SamKnows Avg 65.69/19.14 Mb/s @ 320m
DialUp to CIX, BT Home Highway to CIX, ADSL to Nildram, SKY & Be*Unlimited, Fibre to BT
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