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Standard User PiKe
(knowledge is power) Thu 15-Dec-16 20:23:27
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Whats going on with my wireless?

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I have started having issues with my wireless where the upload is very slow, this has been made more obvious recently since I began to use the PS4 remote play with my VITA over WiFi.

My main router is a WDR3600, we have a few neighbouring networks but channel 6 is the least utilised, whilst set to channel 6 I get appalling upload speeds, channel 11 struggles to even connect but I have the same issue where upload speed is very low. The only channel that works to some degree is channel 1 which is shared by another 4 networks, however performance is very unstable.

I have plugged in my ISP supplied TG582n as an access point only and set to channel 6, I get reasonable download speed but importantly, the full 10mbit upload that my connection is capable of.

Anyone got any ideas as to what is going on here?
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