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Standard User smiffy12
(experienced) Fri 12-Jan-18 14:07:15
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Whitelisting Apps, Fritzbox, Internet Safety

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I'm on Zen Fibre and use their supplied router the Fritzbox 3490. I moved to Zen from Sky. Sky had a good system in place for family protection where you could set age levels and it did a reasonable job of things. Now I'm with Zen though, they don't offer this service.

The advised that its easy to set this router up to lock things down per device and it seems to be, trouble is, I've got things so locked down it is almost unusable for my children. I'm a little out my depth and hope somebody can offer assistance.

I've pretty much the router blocking everything except whitelisted websites. This works OK (except images on the sites don't display all the time).

When my daughter wants to use apps on the iPad though. they are blocked.

Is there a way I can unblock these apps in the router coinfig somewhere, or how am I best to deal with this. I'm scared of what the 'net can offer by accident hence my trying to lock things down.

I hope that some of you kind and knowledgeable folks can offer me help and guidance on how to try and make the internet safe and also usable...

Thanks everybody for any and all help
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