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Standard User Alvintc
(newbie) Fri 08-Feb-19 13:06:16
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HI Guys,

Hopefully this is the right place! I'm having FTTPoD installed and I figure it's time to start locking things down.

I have an server that stores files/ serves media etc. that's always on.
I have netgear Orbi router which I use to VPN into home when I'm off site.

I'd now like to sign up to a VPN service security etc.

However if I run the VPN purely on the server I'd pretty much lose access to it (it's a box in a cupboard, I RDP to it currently even when I'm at home).

I don't have another box lying around that i can use as a router for split tunnelling (I think that's the right term!)

So my options I think are limited to a router I can put between the orbi & fibre modem that will sign up to a VPN?

Does anyone have any suggestions/ better ideas?
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