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Standard User prlzx
(committed) Sun 27-Feb-11 00:54:15
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Anyone asked about IPv6?

[link to this post]

I'm considering regrading my NewNet package but before I contact them - has anyone asked NewNet about IPv6 and whether they provide an allocation to customers (am thinking a /48 or /56)?

I'm guessing the internal systems are already dual-stack capable but if I'm regrading anyway I'd really like to be testing it sooner rather than waiting til the ISPs are forced to roll it out later. Might even setup a pfSense 2.0 beta if consumer IPv6 routers aren't ready.

If NewNet can't yet offer it to end users I'd be more likely to migrate to one of the ISPs that can already (thinking IDNet or AAISP, others as the list here is updated).

The main things keeping me at NewNet was the reliability, monthly contract/billing and inclusive static IP, I don't need raw speed but am exceeding 3GB more often recently.

I was looking on the NewNet customer portal (orderforms) but it was going v. slow and it did not list any packages when I chose "Regrade" so I'd need to contact them anyway - also to see if I could keep the monthly contract (I see a prior poster was able to).

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