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Standard User mgp001
(newbie) Sun 20-Mar-11 11:52:34
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Line "banding" by BT / slow-spot

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I changed ISP in October 2010 in order to get a more reliable line and better speed. Initially I did achieve download speeds averaging 2500 kbits/sec but at the start of January this had dropped to 1500. I phoned ZEN Tech.Support who told me to leave the router on overnight. This made no significant difference. I phoned again mid-February and this time was told that it appears that BT had "banded" my line. ZEN would request that BT remove the banding. BT did their bit and between mid-February and mid-March I have achieved an average download speed of 4106 kbits/sec with individual readings varying between 3460 and 5305. This is a very satisfactory result and therefore I no longer regard my Rochester, Kent location a slow-spot.
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