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Standard User EnglishRob
(knowledge is power) Fri 08-Apr-11 21:15:10
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Consultation for 'Super Fast' Broadband in Devon & Somerset

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Hi folks,

Appologies if this has been already posted...

I recieved an e-mail from Business Link earlier with regards to faster broadband in Devon & Somerset. It seems that Devon County Council and Somerset County Council have teamed up to put in a bid for funding for 'Super Fast Broadband' in Devon & Somerset.

I can only assume they want to do something similar to the other projects in other counties (such as Cornwall).

While I'm reasonably happy with my 50Mbit Virgin Cable, I do know a fair few people in towns and cities across Devon at least who aren't so lucky and can't get super fast broadband (or in some cases only just get broadband).

The survey can be found here and there are surveys for both residents and businesses.

The copy of the e-mail I received from Business Link is below...

Connecting Devon and Somerset with Superfast Broadband

Devon County Council and Somerset County Council are pleased to let you know about their exciting plans to bring superfast broadband to Devon and Somerset.

The two County Councils have confirmed that they have joined forces to bid for millions of pounds of government funding to bring superfast broadband speeds to the vast majority of businesses and households within Devon and Somerset.

This bid for superfast broadband speeds is part of a national initiative backed by £530 million of central government funding. The bid will be submitted in mid April, with a decision expected in May. If approved, it is anticipated that roll-out of broadband to Devon and Somerset businesses would start in 2012, and to be complete by 2015, leading to better broadband for everyone, and superfast broadband for most.

We need your help to convince central government of the importance to Devon and Somerset of superfast broadband, and hope that your business will complete the survey, giving your support to the bid, at

In addition, if you are currently thinking of moving your business out of Devon or Somerset due to the present state of broadband network in the county, we would be interested in hearing from you.

The deadline for the bid itself is 18 April 2011 so please complete the survey today.

I figure it has to be worth spending 10 minutes filling out smile


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