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Standard User markbarton
(newbie) Fri 18-Jul-14 12:07:22
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Thanks to the forum

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Just wanted to say if I hadn't been looking through the forum I wouldn't have found out about the Fixed Wireless provider

I have been going out of mind trying to increase my DSL speeds and was considering bonding or Satellite - both expensive. I am on a EO line and out in the sticks so getting about 2.8mb down. I do have a 3G repeater and can get 8 - 12 with three but its very inconsistent so strictly a back up option.

According to the local BDUK site it would be the middle of next year before they got around to us and I have no idea what they would do considering the other forum posts on EO lines.

So I have just ordered from redrawinternet and the locall supplier - cambswirelss have just contacted me - nice and quick. Cost is quite expensive for the install at £350 - but I am quite a distance away so probably not the easiest to install but at least its possible thanks to the flat fens.

The monthly cost is £30 on the residential level, estimated / expected speed is 12Mb down and 12Mb up! Considering I pay Eclipse more than that for my 2.8 that is good news. Even better I can get rid of the BT line and go VOIP saving me the line rental.

So all in all pretty excited (I know thats sad) but I work from home doing software development and sometimes in can feel like pulling teeth.
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