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Standard User kitcat
(experienced) Fri 16-Dec-16 22:01:27
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Technical advice to UK Government on BB universal service

[link to this post]
OFCOM have issued their Technical advice on a Broadband USO today. This links in with the connected nations report linked to in the news section but has more detail on their thinking.

The document is available from Ofcom at

They have given advice on 3 different scenarios.

Scenario 1: a standard broadband service, characterised only by a 10Mbit/s download speed;

• Scenario 2: a more highly specified standard broadband service, adding upload speed (1Mbit/s), latency (medium response time), maximum sharing between customers (a ‘contention ratio’ of 50:1), and a defined data cap based on current usage profiles (100GB per month).

• Scenario 3: a superfast broadband service, with download speeds of 30Mbit/s, upload of 6Mbit/s, fast response times, a ‘committed information rate’ of 10Mbit/s (i.e. guaranteed 10Mbit/s at all times) and an unlimited usage cap.

Section 1.37 states No FWA or Mobile operator has expressed an interest in being the USP

Section 8.2-8.55 gives the costs of different technologies for each scenario and interestingly FWA doesn't cost in in any scenario! ( This will infuriate some providers)

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