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Standard User woodmass14
(member) Wed 11-Jan-17 02:44:20
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Samsung SideSync

[link to this post]
I figured this may help some folks that have slow broadband but good 3/4g coverage.

This app allows you to mirror your phones screen via usb to a pc. I know screen mirroring isn't new but this essentially lets you turn your wi-fi off while using your phones data to stream whatever content you please on a tv/pc. Most on demand services work, 4od, bbc iplayer, youtube and such, netflix does not (drm i think) This is on android btw and a samsung phone, not sure if it will work on other android devices.

I'm currently on an unlimited plan with three with 30gb of hotspot allowance (£27). I'd eat most of the hotspot allowance within a couple of weeks, so had to figure out a way to watch content on the big tv using my mobile data and this works a charm. I average around 70gb a month and no slow downs from three yet. May be different for some.

I don't believe this is against three's ToS as your not using your unlimited mobile data to tether.

Thought i should say something as it may help those with slow-spots, not-spots.
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