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Standard User craski
(member) Wed 10-May-17 21:01:20
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Digital Scotland Better Broadband Scheme unfair practices

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I live in a not spot that doesn't look like it will receive any help from BDUK. I found a solution using Fixed Wireless kit and following several requests from friends and neighbors I am now expanding on that to help others in my area out too. I managed to register with the Digital Scotland Better Broadband Scheme as a supplier so instead of Satellite, others in my area could get the option of a far superior (and cheaper) fixed wireless connection.

Having been assured that I am registered as an approved supplier, we decided to test the system with our first applicant. After several weeks, Digitial Scotland offered him an Avanti satellite connection and nothing else. I smell a rat, the Better broadband Scheme are clearly favoring Avanti despite him having a fixed wireless option available in his post code.

Are they so desperate to push inadequate satellite connections on to end users to improve their satellite installation count statistics that they are employing anti competitive practices to achieve that?

Zen Unlimited Fibre Office BQM

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