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(Unregistered)Sat 28-Apr-12 23:13:18
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Wireless broadband in nottingham

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Hi guys

I am connected to Cotgrave exchange in Nottingham, we are right at the end of the line and only get speeds at around 512, no sign of fibre anytime soon, broadband is slow and at times unreliable

I received a call and follow up emails from who use wireless broadband, apparently they plan to site a mast nearby, it all looks promising but I don't know anyone who uses this company or technology to get broadband .

Are there any issues I need to be aware of, what should I be looking for or asking? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
Standard User 1jim
(newbie) Sat 28-Apr-12 23:34:14
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Re: Wireless broadband in nottingham

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Sorry guys, in my excitement o have posted in wrong area, will repost. Not sure if a mod can close?
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