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Standard User amarok1981
(newbie) Wed 16-Sep-15 15:52:43
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Euroconx or Italia Wifi Out of Business

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I just learned today (16/9/2015) that the British company "Euroconx" also known as "Italia Wifi" has gone bust. They provided customers throughout Europe with satellite broadband. This is a real shame as this was a good company with great customer service but they suffered a major hack back in May and despite all efforts the company is now functionally bankrupt. A real kick in the balls for me as a British expat abroad who renewed a full year's subscription back at the start of May. I write this here in the hope that other customers find this post and can come together to give each other advice on how to proceed or how to get money back (good luck with that!). By any standard this was a small company with about 50,000 users but this will be a major problem for a lot of people in the UK and Europe.
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