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Standard User jaizan
(newbie) Mon 14-Mar-11 22:55:46
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ADSL24 gone slow.

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My ADSL24 service used to be fine, but has become unacceptably slow in the evenings.

Often below 1 MB/s.
As it still gives good speeds in the middle of the night, I conclude my hardware must be OK

However, ADSL24 have not fixed the issue. Has anyone else suffered the same issue recently?

I'm thinking of going elsewhere, maybe back to an Entanet reseller.
Standard User DrTeeth
(knowledge is power) Wed 16-Mar-11 21:50:53
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Re: ADSL24 gone slow.

[re: jaizan] [link to this post]

You don't tell us what speeds 'fine' is. You don't tell us how long it has been 'unacceptably slow' and you don't give us any line stats.

How can you expect a constructive answer?


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