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Standard User sparkyboy
(newbie) Thu 21-Apr-11 17:17:23
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compliment for a change.

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A few month ago all our overhead lines were replaced, Except the last 6m to my bt box which they just jointed at roof level.
At the time my phone line was with talk talk.
About 2 weeks after new poles fitted i started getting static on line and my router kept dropping out.
I spent hours on the phone with people living in India followed by several texts saying have we fixed it. With the ticket then closed.
While this was going on Gary at vivaciti suggested I move my line over to them so they could sort it out.
So after checking it out and waiting till llu was available I did.
Last week the lane got really bad (b/band was ok though) so I raised a ticket. Following day an email arrived saying poss earth fault. Day after openreach turned up and replaced the 30 year old bit of cable the the contractor should have replaced.
All is now good.
So thank you vivaciti for excellent customer service.

vivaciti home premium.
Standard User vivaciti
(fountain of knowledge) Sun 24-Apr-11 13:25:05
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Re: compliment for a change.

[re: sparkyboy] [link to this post]
We are glad we were able to resolve this fault for you.
Vivaciti Broadband
0800 0911797

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