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Standard User Invictel
(regular) Thu 22-Dec-11 23:21:58
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Invictel acquire Lixxus

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We are pleased to announce that Invictel have recently aquired the Lixxus name and website address.

We are aware of the problems that Lixxus and CFLD have had over the past couple of years and we are keen to have Lixxus up and running in order to increase the company reputation.

All Lixxus assets are now apart of Invictel and anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of Lixxus can contact us here at Invictel using our usual contact details, which can be found on our contact page,
And of course, the website address remains the same as before:

This is a very exciting time for us, and we hope to welcome past Lixxus customers back to its new reliable parent company.

Warm Regards,

Invictel Management

Edited by Invictel (Thu 22-Dec-11 23:27:20)

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