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Standard User clemchristiantt
(member) Wed 08-Feb-12 11:23:03
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Thanks Vivaciti

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Living on a rural exchange in Wales I wasn't expecting ADSL2+ for another 3-4 years (at the earliest) with BT's slow roll out of the 21CN. However I was pleasantly suprised to find TalkTalk had invested in LLU at our exchange.

After a bad experience with TalkTalk and the hassle of migrating away from full LLU I decided to go with Vivaciti's Surfwise SMPF

The changeover was fast, downtime was minimal and overall a very professional service so far..Best of all i'm now sync'd at 18800/1020!! laugh

If anyone is thinking of migrating over to Vivaciti from what i've experienced so far I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them... You should definitely focus your marketing on areas with exchanges like ours in Wales where there is a lot of demand for faster broadband, and where its only TalkTalk that have LLU'ed the exchanges (without most of the locals knowing). Thanks!

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