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Standard User zyborg47
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 16-Jun-12 09:46:36
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Thank you ADSl24

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Just to say Thank you to ADSL24 for over 2 years of decent broadband, well it been better than anything else I have had, sure that is to do with the Cable and wireless network, so thank you to Cable and wireless as well.

No thanks to BT, because of their ageing copper cables and the way they left the cables around here going back to the old exchange and not straight to us up here, I could have a pretty decent speed, at least 6-7 megabits.

Today, I put a cease on my broadband, I am sorry to go, but i have decided to take a wireless broadband service that will offer me some better speed at around the same price. i know it is not fibre and I will never get the fibre speed, but Bt still seems to be dragging their heals around here and if they look after their fibre network as well as their copper than give it a few years and it will fall apart

Have I made the right choice? no idea, I like to think so, we will see, the advantage is that I can get rid of my phone line and with the extra money i can pay a bit extra to get me up to 10megabits. i will be paying £18 a month for 5 megabits, sure it may not seem fast but after struggling with a 3.5, it will be great, it should be faster than 5 anyway as they will put it to six to get past over heads and other things.

If I ever do come back to wired broadband, either copper or fibre I will look at ADSl24 first, but as i said in the cease note, I will recommend them to people. The problem is most people I know got little money so will go for the cheaper options.

The one big problem with this is the 24 month contract, that is one hell of a contract and I did say i would not take a long contract out again. Still it will give me time to save up money to reinstall my phone and ADSL if need be smile

So upwards and forwards as the saying goes, the 28th of this month I should have a unit on my roof and getting broadband from the cathedral, which I can see from my house.

Once again thank you ADSL24.


Desktop machine now powered by windows 7 pro 64bit , laptop by ubuntu

On ADSL24 using C&W network.
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