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Standard User joper_90
(learned) Sat 20-Dec-14 18:06:27
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All done now.. COMs are throttling my works VPN.

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All done now that is the final straw.. (I know I lasted long), but with the almost nightly and morning disconnects since the start of Dec where sometimes it is up and down line a kangaroo. They have now started to throttle my work VPN. which its quite frankly just stupid (I assume they have just throttled ALL Vpn traffic).

I now cannot build my code, (its depends on a remote repo) and connect via mstsc to a remote machine, as it is soooo slow it times out...

I fully expect the 'I told you so' - however, I didn't mind the throttling too much on torrents etc as netflix etc (which the kids etc watched most evenings) worked fine all the time.. However its just randomly disconnects (I guess as they plug in more throttling tech, and just make the entire thing an unstable mess) and now this is the final straw.

/Rant off.
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