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Standard User hk11
(fountain of knowledge) Wed 25-Mar-15 20:42:01
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Fuel Broadband and Otelo

[link to this post]
Got an email from Fuel Broadband saying they use Otelo for their independent alternative dispute resolution scheme, but OS Enquiries (Communications) to whom Otelo mail gets redirected say :-

"We are only able to help with complaints about companies that have chosen to participate with our service. We are unable to handle complaints about your service provider."

Can anyone shed any light on this please?

Keef- Sheerness Kent UK - New Call Telecom Ltd via Technicolor TG582N Presently trying to move to EE.

Previously - Plusnet, Virgin/NTL/Bell Cable, Crosswinds, IC24, FreeOnlineNet, X-Stream,
Totalise, Freeserve, Force9, TescoNet, AOL, Freenetname, Pipex, E7
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