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Standard User jaydub
(experienced) Thu 09-Feb-17 23:41:34
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Any Aquiss users here?

[link to this post]
If there are any Aquiss users here, would you mind posting any FTTC and BQM results you have.

They have a 3 month free fibre offer on at the moment which would cover off the migration cost of moving from my TTB based MPF connection quite nicely.

I know Enta have had issues in the past, but are they now resolved?
Standard User jalzoo
(newbie) Sat 11-Feb-17 11:25:03
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Re: Any Aquiss users here?

[re: jaydub] [link to this post]
just signed up would also be interested in seeing some traceroutes and graphs. One thing i will say though martin who i spoke to on the phone when i signed up was really knowledgeable and a great guy. I just hope their broadband lives up to the standards of their great support.
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