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Standard User 4M2
(knowledge is power) Mon 07-Aug-17 14:55:05
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Just ordered a migration to Uno WLR3 SOHO line rental (moving from another BTw line rental provider,) ordering was smooth and easy, also the discounts were attractive for existing Uno broadband customers. Interesting that one can retain Uno TTB SMPF (partial LLU) ADSL and have BTw line rental with the same provider rather than having to go to MPF (full LLU.) Both BB and line rental are on one month minimum terms and the billing dates will be synchronized.

Monthly costs are greater than full LLU though and there was a one off charge of £9 ex, vat for the line rental migration but I do prefer to keep the line rental BT based and stay on TTB partial LLU. Hopefully the line rental migration will go smoothly and I will see a reduction in phone costs in the longer term.
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