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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 22-Apr-06 10:00:02
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Use of the bbs resource

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This bbs forms its own community of which this Plusnet section is just one part, so what follows equally applies to all sections, just starting off here as it is one of the busier provider sections.

Some simple guidelines

1. The site has rules which can be read in full at

2. We do not want to see swearing, racist or abusive comments

3. We want the forums to be a place to ask both the simple and difficult questions, while still allowing debate and opinions to flourish. Therefore posters should remember to help others, even if it is an often asked question, just give them a link to another post, or resource with the appropriate answer.

4. Respect, for others is paramount. None of us are going to agree with everyone all the time, so if we disagree please be civil and do not turn it into a 'missile crisis'.

5. Posts that perhaps need help beyond what posters here can provide, where an ISP has reps on the bbs hopefully they will pick this up. In cases where you see a post that needs this sort of help, or perhaps you have a problem that is not being handled by other access methods then email with Plusnet in the subject line and a link to the post in the email. I'll endeavour to pass this onto Plusnet reps.
In time if this point (5) proves useful for more ISPs and customers we may create specific email accounts to handle this. This is just the first step in perhaps a slightly more formal escalation system, than we do around the bbs already for various things.

The author of the above post is a thinkbroadband staff member. It may not constitute an official statement on behalf of thinkbroadband.
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