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Standard User WelshWArrior
(experienced) Sat 26-Feb-11 13:33:49
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Can someone please check on my ticket?

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Could a kind Plusnet rep please check on Ticket number: 40153332 please?

It's another 3 months free issue where Plusnet think the person I referred didn't enter the correct code (refer3) during signup. I know this to be false because I actually signed them up on their machine as they aren't computer literate to say the least and made sure it was entered.

Standard User WelshWArrior
(experienced) Sun 27-Feb-11 12:44:25
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Re: Can someone please check on my ticket?

[re: WelshWArrior] [link to this post]
Many thanks to Martin Driver at Plusnet for sorting out this problem for me wink
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