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Standard User Routefinder
(experienced) Fri 15-Apr-11 13:49:42
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What Gigabit router choices and user experiences please???

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Hi All

Just re-looking at getting a Gigabit Switch to link my NAS and main PC both of which are currently connected to my Thomson TG585v7 which with its 10/100 ports is a bottle neck for rapid file transfers.

But for cost and numbers of boxes & the power bricks what about a Gigabit version of a Wireless Router smile Simples as the Meerkats love to say but is it so simple???

Ideally want to keep the costs (well) under £100 but need a good router with a reputation for holding stable connections with 4 ports all Gigabit and reliable wireless ~ is that a tall order??? I have no idea so asking for any users to give some feedback.

TIA smile
Standard User dustofnations
(learned) Fri 15-Apr-11 16:25:54
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Re: What Gigabit router choices and user experiences please?

[re: Routefinder] [link to this post]
SmallNetBuilder covers some nice kit, and will give you a decent idea about suitable figures:

Don't worry if some of the kit is older, gbe switches/routers are pretty mature tech.
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