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Standard User ConorMK
(knowledge is power) Sun 15-May-11 16:21:39
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engineer call tomorrow (FTTC)

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I have been having a nightmare with drop outs on my FTTC connection and have logged a call with CS to get it investigated.

An engineer has been arranged for 1 to 6pm tomorrow. One thing the CS agent mentioned that there maybe a charge for the callout if the problems is in the house. Now bearing in mind that the whole thing from the main socket to the router was supplied by Plusnet and OR, is there any chance that charge would be levied? The agent did say that by the sounds of things the issue was at teh exchange and not at my house.


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Standard User systemx
(experienced) Sun 15-May-11 16:34:13
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Re: engineer call tomorrow (FTTC)

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Unless you have bashed the main socket with a vacuum cleaner, or damaged the modem, i doubt there will be a charge. It sounds like the agent was just covering themselves.
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