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Standard User hk11
(experienced) Tue 14-Feb-12 12:17:41
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Siemens Gigaset SE587

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Anyone use a Gigaset SE587 with Plusnet?

Thought my Netgear DM602 was a good router, but this little Siemens seems to offer far more and so far has been more stable than the Netgear.

Here's a few tech details, if anyone can make sense of them? :-

DSL Status
Driver Version: 1.75
API Version: GS_API_626
Firmware Version: E.25.41.18 A
Dsp Version: 0x000000e1
Status: ON
US Trained Rate: 443 kbps
DS Trained Rate: 7128 kbps
Current US data rate during last 30 sec: 0 kbps
Current DS data rate during last 30 sec: 0 kbps
Local Line Attenuation: 48.5 dB
Remote Line Attenuation: 22.5 dB
Local SNR Margin: 6.15 dB
Remote SNR Margin: 21.0 dB
Operation Progress: 0x00000000
State: Showtime
Rx ATTNDR: 7140000
Tx Cell Rate: 1046
Rx Cell Rate: 16811
Overall Failure: 0
PMmode: L2L3Allowed
Local ITUCountry Code: 0x0000b5ff
Auto Start: true
Whip Active: Inactive
Profile: BT
Standard: BisPlusAuto
Utopia Interface: Level1
Rx Auto Bin Adjust: Disable
Tx Attenuation: Bis_0DB
Detect Noise: Disable
Capability: A2/A2+
Coding Gain: auto
Framer Type: Type3ET

Keef- Dartford Kent UK - Plusnet via Netgear DM602
My Broadband Speed Test
Previously - Virgin/NTL/Bell Cable, Crosswinds, IC24, FreeOnlineNet, X-Stream,
Totalise, Freeserve, Force9, TescoNet, AOL, Freenetname, Pipex, E7
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