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Standard User johnjburness
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 25-Feb-12 21:36:09
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Do I recommend PlusNET??

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Simply put, the answer is NO!!!

I won't go into all of the grizzly details (pm myself if you want more) but suffice to say I've been led a "merry-dance" in my attempt to return to PlusNET Broadband (I was a Broadband customer upto 3yrs ago, but retained a PAYG Dial-In connection - i.e. I was technically still a Customer with a valid Username).

I should have obtained a ADSL2+ connection (based on their upto 20Meg PlusNET Extra product) with an agreed anticipated connection of 17Meg (usual caveat of between 10 - 19.5 Meg).

It should have been transferred on 30th Jan but, although they took the service away from my previous ISP, they screwed up & didn't provide it until the following day.

When I checked, they had only provided an ADSL-Max service! After much hassle (& argument) they eventually agreed they were in error & agreed to upgrade the account - eventually confirming the changeover to occur on 16th February.

As I write, this changeover has NOT occurred & I haven't even got the ADSL-Max Service (writing this using my Mobile as a Modem!)!

Equally, as I write, they confirm that they are STILL waiting for a BT Engineer to be assigned to this fault!!

Despite multiple promises of updates/call-backs, these were never provided.

FOUR weeks in & I've been forced to concede that "enough-is-enough".

Hopefully, when I have to speak to them again on Monday they don't try to prevent/delay myself obtaining service elsewhere!

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