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Standard User pinklion
(newbie) Thu 12-Apr-12 22:33:23
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Should we upgrade to Fibre broadband?

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We are currently with Plusnet on an old package which is no longer available.

Plusnet Unlimited


Talk Anytime International 300 (Monthly Contract)


Line rental



Usage Dec-Jan 66 GB, Jan-Feb 72 GB, Feb-Mar 79 GB

We are using the internet for gaming and general browsing. My son loves uploading videos to YouTube which is where a lot of the usage goes.

If we move to Plusnet Fibre I think it will only save us about £4 and we will be tied to a contract which we aren't now. Do you think it is worth hanging on and seeing if the prices come down? We don't have a problem with current speeds. Is there anyone else people would recommend that are on a par with Plusnet quality wise and can match their prices? My neighbour has got BT Infinity and says it is good but I am loathe to go back to BT, I left them for Plusnet because of their shocking customer service. We've been with Plusnet about four years and only had a couple of problems in last 12 months which did get sorted out. Also, our master socket is in a really bad place and I understand this can be an issue. I'm worried about fixing what ain't broke for the sake of £4 a month but £4 a month is £48 a year so it all helps!

We're not in a cable area so that's not an option.

Any help or advice appreciated.


Standard User Kiggs
(fountain of knowledge) Thu 12-Apr-12 23:12:05
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Re: Should we upgrade to Fibre broadband?

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Which the usage you're doing you will have to take an unlimited Infinity product if you choose BT as it's over their 40GB cap. So, it's probably worth taking a look at Sky who should have a £20pm fibre product coming out shortly.

Regarding your master socket - it should be relocated and terminated with a VDSL2 faceplate by an Openreach engineer should you place an order.
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Fri 13-Apr-12 00:08:02
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Re: Should we upgrade to Fibre broadband?

[re: Kiggs] [link to this post]
Relocation of the master socket is not a given!

Most engineers will do it, using the data extension cable, (if that is ordered by the ISP as apparently it is no longer standard), or use existing suitable quality user-installed wiring such as CAT5.

It's very much the engineer's discrretion. The data extension cable is technically to allow the modem to be sited up to 30 metres from the master socket. Not to enable moving the socket. That is technically chargeable, but as the engineer is already there may only be £29.

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