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Standard User meldrew
(experienced) Fri 13-Jul-12 12:39:07
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Is it the weather...??!!

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There seems to be an huge amount of ranting about the PN service at the moment. Wht aren't people getting out and enjoying themselves in this lovely summer weather?!

For the record I'm more than happy with the service. "Does what it says on the tin" allowing me to get about my daily activities without a care in the world.

Having place an online advert this week should I complain to PN if it does not sell.......?

(I cannot believe it!)
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Fri 13-Jul-12 13:50:41
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Re: Is it the weather...??!!

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There's only one person been ranting, and he is, (or was until very recently), banned for his efforts.

Then there is the current minor issue for 80/20 triallists, with a fix imminent. The poor guys are incorrectly limited to 40Mbps. [weeps for himself on his 8GB per month usage]. (Wot, no emoticon for that?)

I have a dog extremely discontented with the weather, as he has difficulty in getting me out in it.

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