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Standard User ConorMK
(knowledge is power) Thu 27-Dec-12 15:30:53
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Now on Unlimited Fibre

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I moved this morning on to the Unlimited package and so far have noticed no difference in speeds. It means I can make better use of my Sky anytime wireless connector to watch catch up tv and download films from them as well.

I will have been with Plus Net 10 years next year and have had a very good service in that time. I'm hoping that will continue now that we have this new package. I had toyed with moving to someone else who provided unlimited but no one could beat the price offered by Plus Net when the new Unlimited was offered.

Keep it up Plus Net.


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Standard User epyon
(experienced) Thu 27-Dec-12 16:12:21
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Re: Now on Unlimited Fibre

[re: ConorMK] [link to this post]
if the traffic shaping is better will probably move from bt also call centres are nicer.

BTInfinity - NSDEN using TP-Link W8960n

My Broadband Speed Test

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Standard User adslmax
(knowledge is power) Fri 28-Dec-12 11:46:17
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Re: Now on Unlimited Fibre

[re: epyon] [link to this post]
I agree, Plusnet are far the best isp as I had no problem over the year with no disconnection and the speed are always spot on.

Well done plusnet - keep it up!

plusnetADSL2+15.7 Meg

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Standard User eddie1150
(member) Sat 29-Dec-12 10:28:09
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Re: Now on Unlimited Fibre

[re: ConorMK] [link to this post]
Have you definitely moved?
Doesn't it take effect from next billing date?
Standard User ultra
(experienced) Sat 29-Dec-12 12:24:14
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Re: Now on Unlimited Fibre

[re: eddie1150] [link to this post]
The new accounts went live a week ago, so anyone with a billing date after 19th and before 'today' could have moved (via the PN website 'change product' - it's automated, so there's no need to phone the call centre).

My billing date is 18th of the month so it is a longer wait for me, that's all...


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