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Standard User RiffRaff
(knowledge is power) Sat 12-Jan-13 13:21:18
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Support created a ticket on my account following an upgrade,

[link to this post]
that reads:

'The customer has changed their service. The following discounts have been cancelled from automation and MAY require a manual discount operation on the dates below IF the new account type is subscription based:


Today was my date for upgrading from value fibre with 18 month contract to unlimited fibre on - it says - monthly subscription.

Needless to say I didn't raise a ticket with Plusnet as an email today confirms i've been upgraded. I've only been with Plusnet one month and assumed when I upgrade from value to unlimited it occured on the next billing cycle (today, which the email recieved today says has indeed happened) and I would enter into a [new] 18 month contract, and the direct debit would be amended with the new charge and then I could forget about it.

So, do I need to do anything with this ticket?

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Standard User kasg
(experienced) Sat 12-Jan-13 16:04:50
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Re: Support created a ticket on my account following an upgr

[re: RiffRaff] [link to this post]
I don't think so, all looks normal to me. Does your current product show correctly if you go here?

"Monthly subscription" is what we're all on surely, the contract is something else.


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