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Standard User Going_Digital
(knowledge is power) Tue 05-Feb-13 11:06:46
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I wish I hadn't wasted my time.

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What an utterly hopeless experience with these people, I would advise steering clear for your own sanity.

First when I placed my order for fibre with them their web forms never asked for a MAC, but then a week or so later I get a call out of the blue asking for a MAC, not a good start. MAC given and date set for installation, ok perhaps can excuse one small technical glitch, but no this is just the start of things to come.

Installation appointment cancelled by BT, not unreasonable as it was during the snow, promised a callback with new date. Had to chase as nobody from BT or Plusnet called to re-arrange. Got new date for 2 weeks after the original.

Second installation date missed, no notification of delay or cancelation, just no show. Call plusnet to report no show and find out what is happening. Waiting in a very annoying queue that has quiet hold music and then every few minutes blasts you with a recorded message 10x the volume making you think that maybe some has answered. Eventually the phone is answered, passed around to 3 different people all insisting on asking 'security' questions despite it being the same call to the same company! Come on I was asking why the engineer I had waited for was a no show not anything of a personal nature, besides this is a (currently no-existent) broadband account not a bank account !

Finally get an answer from someone that tells me my installation had been cancelled (supposedly by BT) for no apparent reason and that as a result they would have to create a completely new order for installation. Oh but wait the MAC is now expired so I have to go back to the existing ISP to get a new MAC.

Now call this morning to give this code to them, 20 minutes of waiting in this annoying hold system that treats you like an idiot with recorded messages like please switch your 'router on and off', while I wait only to get the call dropped. Have given up now in frustration.

Plusnet are sending me emails saying that my broadband is active and billing me for both a phone line and broadband that neither seem to be active.

I have spent far to much time on this, waiting in for engineers that don't show, sitting in telephone queues for what must amount to a couple of hours now.

I wish I had never set eyes on this useless shower of a company. I am inclined just to raise a chargeback on the payment card so I don't have to deal with them any more.

adslnation - The Broadband Experts.
Standard User camallison
(newbie) Tue 05-Feb-13 11:11:28
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Re: I wish I hadn't wasted my time.

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You have the right idea - raise a charge back. Also, you might copy this thread to their CEO - you will be surprised how often that brings positive results.

ISP Representative thatadamwalker
(isp) Tue 05-Feb-13 11:35:15
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Re: I wish I hadn't wasted my time.

[re: Going_Digital] [link to this post]
I'm really sorry about the problems you've encountered with us here. I'm very keen to take a closer look at what happened and get this resolved for you and I'm also happy to take ownership of all that to save you having to call us back again.

Would you mind sending me a private message with either your account's username or another means of identifying your account please?


Adam Walker
Plusnet Support Team
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