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Standard User wanapoo
(committed) Wed 06-Feb-13 21:53:42
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Anyone lost browsing?

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I've lost browsing around 20:30pm this evening, I've disconnected and reconnected and it completes authentication. Just no browsing at all the last hour or so.

There's no fault listed on the plusnet status feed at this time.

It's not an exchange problem as I'm actually using my neighbours internet right now.

22:16pm, ppp was remotely disconnected and reconnected and browsing is back again.

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Standard User RMcC
(newbie) Wed 06-Feb-13 22:22:42
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Re: Anyone lost browsing?

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IN Glasgow no problems with PN tonight. I had a similar issue twice when I could connect and authenticate but not browse it turned out there was a hardware fault at the exchange.

Might be worth turning off router for 30 mins or so then tey again.

Also try deleting your login details and then putting them back in.

Ask Pn to check if you are connecting to the realm. They might be able to see you are only partially connected.
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