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Standard User eddiebelfast
(member) Sat 02-Mar-13 08:57:13
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Belfast users.

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Hi, just inquiring as to whether there are any Belfast people using PlusNet and if so what their opinion of PN? .
Standard User tedsloan
(learned) Sun 03-Mar-13 21:15:28
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Re: Belfast users.

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Eddie - I am in Lisburn and have been using PlusNet for about six years. I am very happy with what they offer and the monthly subscription rate is very reasonable. Very rarely have I had to phone them about anything but have found that they respond to any query quickly. I gather from the Forum that, if you have a problem with a phone query to them that a message on their Forum gets a response from one of their Senior Staff. Of course speed etc. depends what BT has to offer but I get 45-50 Mb/s download and about 10-15 Mb/s on upload with FTTC. I am 700 metres from the Green Box. They do not yet offer YouView as does BT so that may be a deciding factor for some people.
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