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Standard User kasg
(fountain of knowledge) Mon 04-Mar-13 09:39:02
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FTTC - Massive drop in sync speed

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I know about the recent problems with peak time performance and latency and had experienced some of this myself last week, but this seems to be unrelated.

Ever since I got FTTC I have synced at between the mid 60s and low 70s Mbps, although the periods in the 70s have been fairly short-lived. This is fine, I am 450m from the cabinet and beating my estimated speed. I just got back from a weekend away (router and modem left switched on) and, after running a speed test to check the peak-time performance issue and getting a lowish speed, I found that my modem had re-synced at 40492/11783. This has never happened before and worried me somewhat. The SNR was 15.9 and max attainable 74036. My IP profile was 39.19, which is correct for the sync speed and my Plusnet line speed 64.2Mbps as it hadn't caught up yet.

So, I thought, reboot the modem and see what happens. It resynced at 60613/19556, which is much better and I thought I could live with that for now, in the hope that it would increase in time. The SNR was 6.3 and max attainable 78768. Speed tests in the mid to high 50s confirmed that all was reasonably well.

BUT ... I get up this morning and find I am synced at 39999/9997, which is highly suspicious. SNR is 11.8 and max attainable 78192/28880. Now this looks to me as though either I have been erroneously regraded to the 40/10 product or some sort of banding has been applied. Does anyone have an opinion on this? I can obviously go through the official support channels but I thought I'd put this out here first as I'm a bit pushed for time. I may reboot the modem again, if I do I'll edit the post.

Incidentally, the Plusnet line speed is still 64.2 and the IP profile is 58.23, which almost matches yesterday's evening's recorded sync speed of 60613 (it's actually slightly lower than it should be).

(Edit: No change after modem reboot, as expected, though obviously my IP profile will now have changed as I've had to start a new session.)

(Further edit: now posted in Community forum,112665)


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Edited by kasg (Mon 04-Mar-13 14:03:24)

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