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Standard User catrional
(newbie) Mon 09-Sep-13 19:22:10
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Poor customer service

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We transferred from bethere to PlusNet a few weeks ago, and at first it all went well. Good speed ratings!

Unfortunately last Monday the connection went dead.

We registered a call to find out the problem and hit the first excuse:

"Its a fault at the exchange - it could be 72 hours until they diagnose it"

We phoned back on Wed to find out what was happening only to be told:

"We wont do anything for 72 hours as you are not a business customer"

Still nothing on Thursday night, but on Friday morning, we got an answer.

"There was some problem with your MAC registration and BT have marked the account as closed - but dont worry, all it will take is to remove the TAGs at the exchange, which will be done in 24 hours - then PlusNet will give you a call to confirm its done"

Needless to say the weekend went by with nothing happening.

I called the Faults Line again this evening to get a new explanation:

Friendly guy, but still: "This is a funny one, its not a fault so we cant do anything at this end, asking for TAGs isnt possible, it will have to be treated as re-supply, and this will likely take 7 - 9 days. No there is nothing we can do to speed it up, as its a BT wholesale request. Someone from the sales team will phone you to confirm whats happening, within 24 hours"

I'm not holding my breath.

Anyone recommend a good broadband supplier?
Standard User professor973
(experienced) Mon 09-Sep-13 20:35:10
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Re: Poor customer service

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Yes, Freeola - You are not the first to experience PN connection cockup.

Zen Home Talk Plus - Freeola Family Broadband.
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