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Standard User oshb5ems
(newbie) Fri 31-Jan-14 08:05:28
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New Modem for Old System

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Hi All

Right moving on from thread
Which was about my D/L speeds. I am now at the point where I have a modem in that is not actually disconnecting every day other day or 3 times a day or even stopping on for a week at a time. Since the modem I have got in now has beenin its only restarted twice in over a month and was because I did a warm restart myself due to changing something in the modems gui. Also originally I had problem where the Downstream noise margin was 16Db and now hovers between 7- 9 But the download speed has not increased at all..
That all said even the new modem that is in is still over 7 years old. And possibly removed out of Noahs Ark after the flood and ended up on my doorsetp. LOL. So I have decided to bite the bullet and get a new modem ( I know I cannot afford Fibre any-time soon) So am hopefully going to improve on what I have and as the modem is that old I am sure it would not hurt to upgrade to a new modem or Modem/router. Thats where you come in. Im looking for one that has a good wifi and and hopefully a gigabyte port. The reason for wanting a gigabyte port is I am also looking at getting at the a NAS with dedicated Media Player or a Media Player with a built in Hard drive like the Med800X3D (Mede8er range of players) At the same time. But Im still in discussions as to which way to go on this, As both ways have there merits. But that aside I am wanting to find a decent modem to start withto get the system up and running as best I can. Also is it better to get a Modem or Modem combined with router (which I have at the moment)

So what I am mainly looking for is Modem Modem/Router for my copper only line That has a gigabyte port and a good range Wifi as for the wifi speed I have not got N at the moment so I suppose would be nice as well.

So please suggest away or let me know your comments as to what you think?

Many thanks for your time Reagards Osh

Copper for the presant time.
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