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Standard User TMA
(member) Sun 06-Apr-14 23:44:34
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Migration from Digital Region FTTC

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Spoke to my mum earlier and she had signed up to PlusNet after being promised that it was possible to migrate straight onto BT-based FTTC from the defunct Digital Region. It seems pretty clear from the DRL providers that it's only possible to migrate to ADSL wholesale products - does anyone know if it's true PlusNet have found a way around this, or has my mum been sold a lie by an overly zealous sales chap on the PlusNet support desk?
ISP Representative chrispurvey
(isp) Mon 07-Apr-14 17:00:57
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Re: Migration from Digital Region FTTC

[re: TMA] [link to this post]

If you're coming from DR through a migration then you would need to move to ADSL first and then once this is active we can move you over to Fibre.

Two other alternatives are;

1. Cease your line with DR and then we can provide fibre on it.

2. Place a new line install now, this could cost more though.

The above is on the basis that you can also get fibre at your house.

Let me know what you'd like to do and PM your username over and I'll get that sorted if needed.

Kind Regards,

Chris Purvey
Plusnet Support Team
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