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Standard User keleus
(newbie) Fri 25-Apr-14 19:45:21
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Moving from TalkTalk to Plusnet

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I have lurked these forums for years and found them very useful but this is the first time I have felt the urge to post.

On the 30th of March I decided to move from TalkTalk to Plusnet, both fibre Broadband and phone line.

I was on a very steady 37MB fibre connection with TT but I wanted faster and eventually a fixed IP. Naively I though that all that was required was a switch and that would be it.

It took until the 9th of April for them to resolve the fact I had two lines with TalkTalk (with very similar numbers) and to identify the correct one.

Plusnet sent me a message saying. I have placed the simultaneous phone and fibre order for you and provisionally booked the appointment for 25/04/2014 between 1PM and 6PM.

On the 11th April they sent me a text saying your broadband service is due to become active by midnight on the 23rd April. Two days early but OK I thought.

At 0429 this morning Plusnet sent an email saying the transfer was complete. Simultaneously we lost both the phone line and Broadband completely.

We waited, in case as per the first email an engineer was going to appear this afternoon. 19 hours later still no connection.

I called the help line to be told an estimated 1/2 hour on hold so I submitted a ticket to be told the average time to reply was 19 hours.

Was it too much to expect a simple transfer!!


Exasperated of Worcester

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Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Fri 25-Apr-14 21:59:23
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Re: Moving from TalkTalk to Plusnet

[re: keleus] [link to this post]
That sounds as though the earlier changeover date didn't get set in your plusnet account, so it hasn't been activated. You need to ring them, as it only takes a few minutes once you get through.

As you were already on FTTC there would be no engineer visit. You should just need to input your Plusnet login details to your TT router or the Plusnet 582n if you requested that and have received it. Once your account is activated!

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Standard User keleus
(newbie) Sat 26-Apr-14 13:04:13
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Re: Moving from TalkTalk to Plusnet

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
Thanks for the advice, after 35 minutes on hold and a quick chat. we realsied it was waiting for a user name and password. Duh!

My excuse is TT didn't use one.

Then a search for how to put one in on my Fritz!box and it's all systems go.

Happy days

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Standard User Dave_Steele
(newbie) Tue 29-Apr-14 14:21:18
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Re: Moving from TalkTalk to Plusnet

[re: keleus] [link to this post]
I'm glad to see you got your problem resolved. For what it's worth, I've been with Plusnet for over 15 months now and have had no problems with them.


Currently with plusnet
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