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Standard User bet_here
(regular) Fri 13-Jun-14 11:15:23
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Phone contract length

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I've been on unlimited fibre extra for nearly 12 months now. I know this is an 18 month contract, but what about the phone line? I paid for 12 months line rental in advance, so need to decide whether to renew this, or pay monthly for 6 months. I intend to move to the 40/20 product eventually.

Standard User kasg
(fountain of knowledge) Fri 13-Jun-14 11:23:33
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Re: Phone contract length

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The length of the phone contract is separate from whether you use Line Rental Saver to pay 12 months in advance. I am not sure, but I suspect the phone contract is 18 months as well if it was taken out as a package with the FTTC. Obviously if you do renew the LRS you will be committed for another 12 months but it should have no effect on your ability to change your FTTC package after 18 months. You may even be able to change the package now without penalty, just a contract restart, just ask.


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