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Standard User Mapoo
(experienced) Sun 31-Aug-14 10:55:38
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Getting out of the Fire! and into the Light! :)

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Hey all, since 14th August i've been like many others no connection since the Digital Region went down!

I signed up to a new contract with Origin for the ADSL Service and i've had no service for 16 days. still the same, ive had phone call after phone call to them, and hardly any calls back. I've been told ive got faulty tie pairs and everything. None of it is Origins Fault its all BT's according to them. But thousands others in same boat. its been Terrible. You wait 2 hours to get to speak to them listening to the same old rubbish Music. i've spoken to Offcom and Trading Standards and I shouldnt have to pay anything as its only a verbal contract and not yet started. But I was getting threatened to pay the 12 months service by one of the customer services.

I've tried getting Sky and it wont let me and other providers wont let me. Cant get me due to a Unknown product on my line, could be a Tag or whatever. BT said I have no Broadband installed or any Tags. So I dont think Origin even transfered me for the Live Date 15th anyway. So I finally gave Plusnet a call.

Explained everything to them, they are giving me a Brand New Line install with new number and there Broadband. finally getting me out of the fire. ORDER IS GOING THROUGH! laugh
Thanks alot Plusnet I really do hope its a good service.

Its been terrible without Broadband.

Heres to looking to a new future with Plusnet for my Broadband and Phone services.

Fingers Cross laugh

Origin Broadband & Origin Phone

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