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Standard User jet_dee
(newbie) Tue 23-Sep-14 19:24:44
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Playing the field

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I've now been with Plusnet for 18 months, and my contract is up.

I've been signed up to their fibre offering paying approx. £35 for month including line rental.
I ran a speedtest now (on a Tuesday evening), reaching 73 mbps down and 19 mbps up, with a 32ms ping, so rather decent. I've not had any issues with them to boot. (They can be forgiven the massive outage last week that affected all their users, and the poor signal and speeds over WiFi, which aren't their fault)

I'm just wondering whether I ought to stay with them and continue receiving decent broadband, or shop around and find something better (performance or value); any thoughts please?
Standard User Apprentice
(knowledge is power) Tue 23-Sep-14 19:33:20
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Re: Playing the field

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One thing to do is contact the Plusnet Customer Options Team (COT) and find out what they will offer you to stay with Plusnet for another year or so.
The COT are not the Customer Services bods, they specialise in offering you a cheaper deal so as to try and retain your custom for PN.

plusnet user
Standard User StephenTodd
(experienced) Wed 24-Sep-14 09:45:32
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Re: Playing the field

[re: Apprentice] [link to this post]
Certainly ring the COT as suggested. I hate the way ISPs (along with suppliers of many other services) give much deeper incentives for new customers than they do for loyal customers; and that loyal customers have to fish to get any incentives.

I don't know what Plusnet will offer you for retention; I'm just about to move to Plusnet. Part of the reason was their reputation for service (already looking a little tarnished?), their reasonable standard prices, and the offer of a 40/20 service. But I must admit that around £60 off the first 6 months broadband and £100 cashback influenced me as well. BT retentions almost matched Plusnet standard prices, but didn't attempt to offer anything that makes up for those other sweeteners.

BT Infinity 2, moving to PlusNet (26th Sept if all goes well)

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