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Standard User KenLane
(newbie) Thu 06-Nov-14 10:32:11
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New sign up queries

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I am migrating from another provider on ADSL2 to PlusNet FTTC. My welcome email says: We'll arrange for your fibre broadband service to be switched to us - This will happen on 26/11/2014 AM. This is the date that was indicated on the signup for the engineer visit.

I have now had a text from PlusNet that says: Your broadband service is due to become active by midnight on 27/11/2014. Please don't set up your router before…

Is there normally a 36 hour delay between engineer and switchover? If the engineer has linked my copper to fibre in the cabinet will my ADSL2 still be working.

As with another recent post the welcome email says I will pay 31.93 - for the first 6 months which ignores the fact that I am supposed only to be paying line rental + 0.93 for caller number display as the offer is free BB for 6 months. It looks like the systems can't cope with the offers.
Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Thu 06-Nov-14 12:43:19
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Re: New sign up queries

[re: KenLane] [link to this post]
The active time has always been an issue. Most of us believe "midnight on 27/11/2014" refers to 60 seconds before 00:01 on 27/11/2014. I think only once has a migration not completed on expected date unless a problem arises.

Once the engineering work at the cabinet takes place your ADSL2+ will stop working, as your broadband connection diverts at the cabinet to the fibre link.

I suggest you don't connect your router as soon as the engineer completes their work. It isn't part of their job to ensure you get an internet connection, only that the modem sync's properly with the cabinet DSLAM. But don't wait for Plusnet to notify you as per the email, because they won't do that until they get an Openreach notification of completion. Ring them up, even if it means you have to wait a while, and tell them. Request they activate your account. The reason I say this is that something remains screwed on my account because I tried to connect immediately, and I think it may be because of that.

It is only a minor problem that doesn't affect the running service, but doesn't seem to be soluble. (The 15-minute wait described in the instructions that come with your Plusnet router never ended and I had to ring them for help).

I also strongly recommend you phone Eclipse as well to make sure they know the migration is complete. It can help prevent account problems with them in the future.

Good luck.

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ISP Representative chrisparr
(isp) Mon 17-Nov-14 14:25:17
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Re: New sign up queries

[re: KenLane] [link to this post]
Robertos has described it in good detail. Your account should go active on the day of the fibre install, the only time this won't happen is if there is a problem or system issue. Please let us know if you've got any other questions we can help with.

Chris Parr
Plusnet Support Team
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