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Standard User mrmarktigger
(newbie) Tue 16-Dec-14 15:55:32
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Right now i've got that out of my system :-)

[link to this post]
I ordered Plusnet fibre unlimited with a brand new phone line from them, and after a 3 week wait they installed on 26th November.

Was all working perfectly with better than estimated speeds until last Saturday 13th when the FTTC went off in the morning then phone line went dead in the afternoon.

A phone call to support informed me the new phone line install did not get closure, so it was automatically cancelled. Great!!

They called me back Monday afternoon (After a lot of prompting on their community forum) to say they have requested another new install of phone line & FTTC. But will try to get the existing new install just reconnected. Which makes more sense to me.

Got a message from them this morning asking me to check if the phone line is working again. If it is, they can try and get FTTC re-connected.

But no, the phone lines still dead. Messaged them back telling them so and not heard a thing back from them.

I have even prompted them again on their community forum today to get it sorted. But all I got back from that is, "will ask someone to pick this up" & " I'll check back again later today to see what's going on"

And I've not heard a thing from anyone.

What's the point of my case be handled by a "Dedicated Team" when they don't communicate with you?

Not without pestering the hell out of poor Chris on the community forum anyway.

Which I feel bad about.

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