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Standard User hopkapi
(regular) Fri 24-Apr-15 10:44:41
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Intermittent packet loss/high pings/low speeds (ADSL)

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For a few weeks now I've been experiencing intermittent periods of packet loss, high pings, and usually terrible speeds on PlusNet ADSL and I'm not really sure where the problem lies, especially as during said periods, using the BTW speed checker and running TAP3 gets me similarly terrible results (1.33Mbps down at 4:46am this morning for example). These periods also don't appear to relate that much to peak times either, and aren't very consistent with the 16Mbps+ I've historically had on my stupidly short line, with my IP profile being dinged by DLM as a result of my efforts to troubleshoot.

At the same time, I'm using an unlocked HG612 (SP08) bridged to an Airport Extreme, and didn't opt for the free router from PlusNet, so am slightly worried it might be my equipment, and thus, I'll end up footing the bill if Openreach cross over the road to visit, which is all PlusNet could really suggest. Am happy to Telnet into the modem if more stats would be useful.

TB Broadband Quality Monitor

Modem stats:

Downstream / Upstream
Attainable rate (kbit/s) 20148 1372
SNR margin (dB) 6.1 6.1
Line attenuation (dB) 8.5 4.8
Output power (dBmV) 20.8 12.2

Downstream / Upstream
Line rate (kbit/s) 18907 1152

BTW Speed Test (just now):

Downstream: 7.9 Mbps - IP Profile: 16.68 Mbps

Upstream: 0.88Mbps - IP Profile: 0.83Mbps

PlusNet Line Speed: 16.9 Mb
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