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Standard User theboylard
(regular) Tue 23-Jun-15 18:02:09
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80/20 Poor connection...

[link to this post]
Further to a couple of posts on mlmclaren's Customer Satisfaction?? thread last week, I thought it best to start a fresh thread on this one...

Plusnet Fibre 80/20, Huawei cab, ECI Modem, Asus RT-N65U router running Padavan's latest firmware, decent network cable on desktop, all speed tests carried out desktop, never on wireless devices.

OK, noticed speed was dropping over last few months and contract was up for both phone and broadband, so contacted support on 19/6/15 to:
a) discuss new offers and
b) see if speed drop was contention (which was my assumption)

Spoke with Tech, their words:
After going through the usual tests it's agreed that there is a problem with my line
"We'll push to BT OpenReach, they take 3 days so we'll be back in touch on Tuesday."

I see no activity from OR (I can see the cab from my lads bedroom, about 200 yards from the house), but some basic tests were done on my line today by Plusnet with the report attached to the "question" in my member centre portal.

I then received a request to do some line tests using the speed test at, and complete the additional diagnostics.

Duly completed the tests with a worst result ever!
Tap3 test very depressing!

Tap3 Result

Edit*= Sorry Bob, wrong image link - sorted now!!

Waiting on the magical plowers that are Plusnet to sort!

Any suggestions in the meantime would be appreciated...

Plusnet FTTC - early days yet smile

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Standard User RobertoS
(elder) Tue 23-Jun-15 18:31:01
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Re: 80/20 Poor connection...

[re: theboylard] [link to this post]
Does the phone work, and does it crackle on the QUiet Line test. 17070 Option 2.

Your image is tiny and unreadable for me, though I can see a red bar. We don't need the graphics, just the actual speed and IP Profile from the down and up results text boxes. Easiest to copy and paste those as text.

The indispensable man or woman passes from the scene, and what happens next is more or less the same thing as was happening before.
My broadband basic info/help site - Domains, site and mail hosting - Tsohost.
Connection - Plusnet UnLim Fibre (FTTC). Sync 58162/14182kbps @ 600m. - IPv4BQM IPv6BQM

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Standard User theboylard
(regular) Tue 23-Jun-15 18:46:03
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Re: 80/20 Poor connection...

[re: RobertoS] [link to this post]
Hi Robert, thanks for the reply.

Quiet test is fine, nothing on it at all.
I've now changed the image link, you should be able to see it properly now!
Down is 26.33, with IP Profile of 65.74.

This has come down since install, profile was in the mid 70's originally.


Plusnet FTTC - early days yet smile

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Standard User theboylard
(regular) Wed 24-Jun-15 11:45:46
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Re: 80/20 Poor connection...

[re: theboylard] [link to this post]

Just spoken to tech support after 18 minute queue, they now have all the information so they can take it to BTOR, so it's wait and see.

Disappointed and annoyed that I was misled by the tech call on Friday that BT would pick this up yesterday, as it looks like the process is:

Customer logs call and performs basic tests
> goes into 3 day tech queue (ie job is to be picked up at anytime in 72hrs)
>> Job picked up at just under 69hrs
>>>Pretty graphic generated, ask customer to perform more tests
>>>>Onus is on customer to perform tests, all in Plusnets favour as the longer the customer delays the more time before Plusnet have before doing anything else
>>>>>Customer completes tests (some customers may not complete test as they are not technical, so call may lapse at this point)
>>>>>>Test results put Customer to start of 72hr queue.

That's where I am at the moment.
However, based on what I've just been told by tech support:

Plusnet pick up the job at some point in the 72hrs, they will then say once they pass to BTOR, where Plusnet tell me their SLA is 72hrs
> OR Say yea or nay to fault, punt it back to Plusnet, where it sits in a - can you tell what it is yet? - another 72hr queue.

So, from my limited knowledge, it looks like Plusnet, from the initial call to actually getting a repsonse back from their supplier and then informing the customer, is 288hrs.

But that 288hrs may not be resolution! That may just be OR agreeing there is a problem and asking then for further tests! More 72hr windows?

Oh, the kicker. All these hrs are working hours, so that'll be Mon-Fri, 8-5 probably (?).
So It could be nearly 2 weeks from initial call until confirmation/denial from BTOR.


Plusnet FTTC - early days yet smile
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