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Standard User Chrysalis
(legend) Wed 24-Jun-15 03:27:16
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considering leaving

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Didn't think I would leave plusnet, whilst I can deal with things not been perfect, it seems in 2015 the service has largely gone downhill, in particular the performance levels have been definitely worse than 2014.

The long capacity thread we have plusnet stating its down to BTw, but the BNG's still seem to be crashing which I expect has also left some endpoints overloaded, and the amount of information been given out is sparse, note this is not a short term issue, these issues have been ongoing since the start of 2015.

Since the issue has a significant chance of been BTw related it would seem my choices are either a LLU network or back to BT retail who do not use the BTw network they sell to other isp's. I would have to eat up a loss of 6 months of my LRS if I move, and my most likely destination would likely be sky who have the excellent easynet peering and a LLU network.

Will think long and hard about this and try not to make a rash decision, but hopping gateways on a almost daily basis is getting a bit much, I expect things to "just work".

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